classic Draping

                         Double-panel draping of gazebo                           (Florals not included)



Full Draping

     Double-panel plus front and back draping of gazebo          (Decor not included)









Square Frame

                 9ft x 9ft White Wooden Backdrop Frame                  (Florals not included)


IMG_2335 (1).JPG

Floral Letters

                Mr. & Mrs. Floral letters for hedge decor                  (Custom Letters available upon request)


Frame Set

Gold frame set adorned on garden Hedge



                      Pair of 2' Tall Columned pedestals                         (Florals not included)



                     Pair of 3' Tall Columned Pedestals                        (Florals Not Included)


black & white dancefloor

20ft x 20ft portable dancefloor 


Gold Chargers

Decorative gold charger plates for reception tables



Draped Canopy

  30ft x 40ft Outdoor canopy with draping and chandeliers        (Waterproof)


Wine Barrels

                           Pair of 3.5' oak wine barrels                             (Includes optional Wooden plank)