Q1. How much are my payments and when are they due?

Your first payment is approximately 25% of your total contract price. Please refer to Section 5. EVENT COST PAYMENTS within your contract for specific payment information and due dates. As a rule of thumb, any and all remaining balance must be paid in full 30 days before your event date.

Q2. Is there a penalty if I miss a payment?

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding and we totally understand how it might be easy to overlook a payment. But there’s one thing that you should always keep in mind: communication is key! As long as you notify us before your payments are due, we would be more than happy to work with you on a reasonable payment extension date. However, it is important to note that your first payment is perhaps the most important right behind your last. Not making your first payment on time may place you in jeopardy of losing your date. For detailed information you can refer to Section 4. DEPOSITS/CANCELLATION within your contract.

Q3. When do I get my deposit back?

The Advance Event Deposit, made at the time of signing (typically in the amount of $500.00), is DIFFERENT from the Security Deposit. The two are VERY commonly confused for one another. The key difference is that the Advance Event Deposit is non-refundable and is actually subtracted from your Total Contract Price. In other words, if your Total Contract Price is $15,000.00, your Balance Remaining will be $14,500.00 [Please refer to the price breakdown in Section 6. Event Cost Payments of your contract].

The Security Deposit is for damages or incidentals and is NOT taken at the time of signing; rather, you are required to make this deposit in the week leading to your event in the form of a $500.00 check. The check is only cashed if White House property is damaged, lost or stolen; otherwise, the check IS returned in fulll. If an inicident does occur, you will only be charged for those things that have been damaged and / or have gone missing.

Q4. Can our final guest count change? / How much is it to add more guests?

Yes! It is very common for guest counts to fluctuate in the weeks leading up to the big day, so we don’t need to know your final guest count until 10 days before your event day. However, it is important to note that since your contract is based on a guaranteed guest minimum, we do not offer any reimbursements or refunds in the event that your guest count willingly or unwillingly decreases. You are of course more than welcome to add more guests to your event (so long as the total guest count does not exceed 350 people) at an additional pro-rated cost to be determined by the White House. For detailed information you can refer to Section 3. GUEST COUNT within your contract. Please contact your event consultant for exact pricing.

Q5. Can I lower my total contract price by removing specfic packaged services or add-ons?

Because the White House experience has been designed to be a one-stop, stress-free shop, everything from our furnishings, amenities, catering and hospitality services have all been built and bundled alongside one another to serve our unique and fiercely competitve, all-inclusive style. Therefore, there are no refunds or discounts offered if you choose to remove certain services, goods, items or add-ons from your package. If you believe some of the services, goods, items or add-ons you‘ve selected in your pacakge no longer fit the over all scheme of your event, you are of course more than welcome to opt out of any you deem unnecessary, keeping in mind that your total contract price will remain the same.

Q6. Can I pay with credit card? What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, cashier’s check and money orders only. Credit card payments are not accepted.

Q7. Can I make larger payments to clear my balance sooner?

Yes! You may choose to pay amounts greater than those listed in your payment plan or even pay off your balance in full well in advance of your event date. Payment plan amounts will be updated accordingly.


Q1: When is the food tasting?

You are on a waistlist for the food tasting and will be notified by your event consultant of the first avaialble tasting date.

Q2: How many guests may I bring to the tasting?

You are allowed three accompanying guests for a total party size of four. Please notify one of our event consultants if you or any of your guests have any food allergy or dietary restrictions prior to attending the food tasting event.


You may schedule this appointment at any time. The White House offers two linen set types for its customers: (1) Standard and (2) Premium. In either set, there are a variety of colors and fabric types to choose from. Premium linens are distinguished by their fabric material as typically being textured, stitched, embroidered and/or covered in sequins. In most cases, but not all, the White House offers a 3-piece linen set: (1) Table Cloth (2) Overlay (3) Fabric Napkins.

All linen sets are made to fit our in-house 48" round tables of 8 or the rented 60" round tables of 10. Rectangle guest table linens are not a standard, in-house item. If you are planning on using rectangle tables for your guest seating, you will be assessed an upgrade service charge of $3.00 per table. For more information on table sizing and availability please refer to FURNITURE, MEASUREMENTS & FLOORPLANS

The White House provides linens for all of the following tables:

  • Head / Sweetheart Table (6ft Rectangle x1)
  • Guest Tables (48" Rounds)
  • Cake & Gift (48" Rounds x 2)
  • Sign-in / Guest Book (48" Rounds or 6ft Rectangle x1)
  • Cocktail Table (x4)
  • Dessert Table (6ft Rectangle x1)

The White House does not provide linens for third-party vendors (i.e. DJs / Entertainers, etc.). Please refer to the included “Linens Order” booklet to determine which types of linens are included with your package, as well as for instructions on how to set up your appointment.

Q1. Do you make custom table linens and décor?

Yes—our linens department is capable of producing custom linen sets from both in-stock and special-ordered fabrics. However, this is a “made-to-order” service and is not included nor subsidized in any of our packages. Similarly, additional interior and exterior décor services, such as gazebo draping, aisle runners, chiavari chair chiffon, sweetheart, cake and gift table adornment are all available at an additional cost. You are free to negotiate the terms and costs of these services directly with the linen specialist.

Q2. Can I bring in my own linen and/or hire a third-party linen decorator?

Yes and no. While most table and chair linen is permissible, no wall and/or ceiling draping of any kind is allowed from anyone other than our in-house linen department. You may use a third-party decorator as long as he/she first agrees to comply with all the provisions, rules and policies listed in the Third Party Vendor Agreement and House Rules. Nevertheless, no refunds or discounts are offered if you choose to bring in your own linen or use your own vendor. Please notify your event consultant prior to making this decision.


Third-party vendors are all those vendors and/or services you source independently from the White House (i.e. your contracted florist, DJ, taco-man, donut-lady, etc.). ALL THIRD-PARTY VENDORS MUST PROVIDE US WITH A SIGNED COPY OF THE "THIRD-PARTY VENDOR AGREEMENT AND HOUSE RULES" ALONG WITH PROVIDING ANY REQUISITE LIABILTY INSURANCE.

Q1. Does my vendor need to provide you with insurance?

ALL third-party vendors providing catering services (i.e. taco-man, donut-lady, dessert bar, etc.) MUST provide us with a copy of liability insurance as follows:

  • Coverage must be no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • White House Event Center, LLC 1238 S. Beach Blvd. Anaheim CA 92804 must be listed as additional insured

All other remaining third-pary vendors' insurance requirements are handled on a case-by-case basis, please contact your Event Consultant for further instruction. Nevertheless ALL third-party vendors must provide us with a signed copy of the "Third-Party Vendor Agreement and House Rules".

Q2. Are vendor's meals included (do I add them to my guest count?)

If you are having a buffet-style dinner service, then the White House allocates you up to 4 complimentary vendor's meals. If you are having a plated dinner service, then you must pay for each and everyone of your vendor's meals separately. Vendor's meals are discounted -- please contact your Event Consultant for exact pricing.

Q3. Do you provide equipment for vendors (tables, chairs, linens, extension cords, etc.)?

The White House does not provide any tables, chairs, linens, tape, extension cords, surge protectors, speakers, microphones, stands, tools or equipment of any kind for any third-party vendors. Third-party vendors are expected to be professional and carry all the equipment necessary to execute their service.

Q4. Where can I find a copy of the "Third-Party Vendor Agreement"?

You can download a copy of it here: "Third-Party Vendor Agreement"


You may schedule this appointment at any time. You are allotted one rehearsal date in which you may come in and rehearse any of your wedding procedures. Rehearsal dates are reserved on a first come, first serve basis and are held only during the week, Monday-Thursday. You are given a total of 2 hours max rehearsal time. Multiple rehearsals and/or venue tours may take place during the same date / timeslot; in which case, a White House consultant will be on sight to ensure that they do not interfere with one another. The White House reserves the right to reschedule your rehearsal date in the event that an event becomes booked for that same day. In such cases, the White House will provide you with an alternative date.

Q1. What exactly is a wedding rehearsal? Do I really need one?

Wedding rehearsals are a run-through or practice of your ceremony procedures—i.e. organizing the wedding party’s order of procession, walking down the aisle, exchanging of vows, etc. Wedding rehearsals at the facility are therefore not necessary if you are planning on having your ceremony off-site (at a church, for example).

Q2. Who is allowed at my wedding rehearsal?

Your wedding party, officiant and immediate family (mom, dad, sister, brother) may attend the rehearsal. All other friends or relatives not participating in the wedding procedures are not permitted on site (exceptions will be taken into consideration as long as you notify your event consultant with at least a one day’s notice prior to the rehearsal date).

Q3. Will someone be available to help me with my rehearsal?

An event consultant will be on site to provide you with the information and advice necessary to get your rehearsal started. However, it is up to you or your designated wedding coordinator to lead your wedding party through the specific choreography.

Q4. Can I have dinner at the White House after the rehearsal?

While your Wedding Rehearsal is free of charge, you will be charged a service fee if you choose to have dinner at the White House prior to or after your rehearsal. This practice is commonly referred to as the "Rehearsal Dinner". If you are considering hosting a dinner on the same day as your rehearsal, please contact your event consultant for menus and pricing. No outside food (including pizza, fast food, etc.) will be permitted. All food must be ordered through the White House. You may bring in small, individually packaged snacks or refreshments for your guests to snack on during the rehearsal.


You may schedule this appointment at any time. However, since most guests’ plans tend to change throughout the year, we recommend that you schedule this no earlier than 4 weeks prior to your event date. During your final walkthrough, an event consultant will meet with you on-site to go over the details of your event. This includes (1) a walkthrough of the venue to determine where your tables, chairs, and furnishings will be positioned for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, etc. (2) a review of your timeline (3) a review of any last minute adjustments, such as the adding of services or additional guests (4) the clearing of any unpaid balances. Please bring a copy of your timeline and seating chart with you to this meeting.

Q1. Do I have to draw my own floorplans / table layout?

No. An event consultant will guide you through this process and actually draw your table layout for you during your Final Walkthrough meeting. Copies will be made available for your personal use.

Q2. Do I need a seating chart?

It depends on your food service type. If you are having a buffet-style dinner reception, then a seating chart is not required. If, however, you are hosting a formal, sit-down dinner, you must provide us with a seating chart detailing your guest's specific entrée selection.

Pro Tip: Table numbers are highly recommended as they will help speed up the release of tables to the buffet lines [the White House does not provide these]. Table numbers ARE REQUIRED for formal, sit-down dinner service.

Q3 What is a timeline?

A timeline is an hour-to-hour guide to your day’s events. Most timelines are finely detailed and take everything into account from the hour you’ve scheduled your hair and make-up, to the moment your maid of honor gives her speech. For the venues purposes, however, we’re mainly interested in determining the hours of proceedings that we’re directly responsible for. This includes (1) Bridal Suite Access Time (2) Vendor Set-up (3) Guest Arrival (4) Ceremony (5) Cocktail Hour (6) Dinner Service (8) Champagne Toast (9) Cake Cutting.

Q4. Do you have sample timeline I can use?

Yes! Below you will find a link to sample timeline that you can edit and use for your own event!

Download here:


Q1. Can I get a copy of the venue floorplans?

You may download a copy of the full venue floorplans below. Before drawing up your own table layout, please keep in mind that all plans must first be approved by the White House. A White House representative will actually design your layout for you during your Final Walkthrough and Layout meeting.

Download here:

Q2. What are the measurements of the Gazebo in the garden?

The Gazebo is approximately 8 feet in height and 6 feet in width.

Q3. How long should my aisle runner be? Does the White House provide me with an aisle runner for my ceremony?

Supposing you are exiting through the White House and walking a straight path up to the tall green hedge, your aisle runner should be approximately 44 ft in length. If you are setting up the gazebo / altar place in front of the bell tower, your aisle runner should be approximately 34 ft. The White House neither owns nor provides aisle runners.

Q4. What size are the guest tables? How many people do they seat?

The White House provides you with 48" (inch) round tables and they are set-up to seat 8 guests.

Q5. May I seat 6 rather than 8 guests per round table?

In most cases, but not all, the White House will allow you to seat less guests per table. However, keep in mind that this will not only drive up your centerpiece cost, but the White House will also charge you for the additional linen sets.

Q6. Do you have larger guest tables?

The White House does not own any other size or shape guest table other than the provided 48" (inch) rounds. However, through a preferred third-party vendor, we can provide you with larger 60" (inch) round tables that seat up to 10 guests. The cost is $10 per table which includes delivery and set-up.

Pro Tip: In some cases, it is more cost-effective for guests to upgrade to larger tables as it will not only decrease your overall table count, but also the amount of centerpieces required. Therefore, if the amount you are spending on extra centerpieces surpasses the amount you would spend on renting the larger tables, this upgrade may be a better option for you.

Q7. Can I use rectangle guest tables instead of rounds?

In some cases, but not all, you may upgrade to and use rectangle guest tables. The decision is ultimately dependent on your total guest count and whether or not the table arrangement will fit properly within the reception space. Rectangle tables are 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide. Depending on how you are planning on arranging them, they seat up to 8 people max (3 on either side and 1 on each end). The cost is $10 per table which includes delivery and set-up. Please notify your event consultant prior to making this decision.

Q8. What size is my head / sweatheart table? May my court / wedding party sit alongside me at my head table?

The White House provides up to three 6 ft (long) by 2.5 ft (wide) rectangle tables for your head table at no additional cost. Typically our guests use only one rectangle table with two chairs for the bride and groom. However, if you are planning on having a court or your wedding party seated alongside you, the maximum amount of rectangle tables we set up side-by-side is 3 (anything larger than this amount will adversely affect the surrounding guest tables and the overall layout of the room). Three side-by-side rectangle tables will form one, over-sized, 18 foot long head table with seating for up to 14 guests (12 facing out plus the 2 guests sat at opposite ends).

Q9. What types of tables are provided for my cake, gift and guestbook? Do you provide tables for my candy / dessert station?

The White House provides 48" (inch) round tables for your cake and gift table and 6 ft by 2.5 ft rectangle tables for your guestbook. The White House will also provide you with a maximum of one 6 ft rectangle table for your candy / dessert station.

Q10. Do you provide tables & linens for my third-party vendors (D.J, Musicians, Taco Man, Donut Lady etc.?)

The White House does not provide any tables or linens for any third-party vendors. This includes, but is not limited to, DJs, entertainers, specialty food/dessert stations, etc. Third-party vendors are expected to be professional and carry all the equipment necessary to execute their service.

Q11. What color are my chairs? Can you provide me with different colors?

The White House provides you with premium black chiavari chairs for guest tables in the dining reception area and clear acrylic chiavari chairs for your ceremony service. However, it should be noted that the White House only owns 85 of the clear chairs so if your ceremony has a greater guest count, the remaining seats will be filled out with the black chairs. For a nice touch of contrast, you also have the option of using the clear chairs for your head table and/or your wedding party's dining tables. If you prefer to use all 85 of the clear chairs for your guests' dining tables, please keep in mind that you will be responsbile for renting out the remaining chairs needed to fulfill your guest count. The White House does not own any other color or style of chair.

Q12. Can I bring in my own chairs and/or decorative furniture (couches, throne chairs, etc.)? Do I get a reimbursement if I do?

You may rent your own guest chairs and/or decorative furniture provided that the rental company you are sourcing from provides us with a copy of liability insurance listing the White House Banquets & Event Center as an additional insured. No refunds, discounts or substitutions are offered if you choose to rent your own chairs and/or furniture. All furniture must be removed from the premises at the conclusion of the event. Please notify your event consultant prior to making this decision.

Q13. How many of the white sofas do you own?

The White House owns 10 of the white leather lounge sofas seen throughout the facility.

Q14. How large is my dancefloor area? [Non-Crystal Dancefloor]

This will vary depending on your guestcount and will be determined during your Final Walkthrough & Layout meeting. The average allotted dancefloor size is 20FTx20FT.

Q15. How large is the Crystal Dancefloor?

The Crystal Dancefloor is exactly 20FTx20FT.

Q16. How large is the stage in the Crystal VIP Room? Is it moveable?

The stage is 20ft in length by 7.75ft wide and it is not moveable.

Q17. What are the measurements of the Crystal VIP Room as a whole?

The Crystal VIP Room is 33ft in length by 35.5ft wide.


Q1. What time can I or my vendors (i.e. florist, decorators) start setting up?

The White House typically provides its guests with 3 hours of pre-event Vendor Setup Time. This takes place 3 hours before your event Start Time (i.e. 2PM Vendor Setup Time, 5PM event Start Time). If your package includes Early Bird Access, you and your florist/decorators may arrive at the same time as you. However, please keep in mind that the Early Bird hours are largely unstaffed and that the venue won't be fully ready for your decorators to begin their duties until those 3 hours before your Start Time.

Q2. What time are my tables setup? How about the chairs in the garden?

White House staff begins layout of the venue furnishings (tables, chairs, etc.) 3 hours before your event Start Time (which coincides with your Vendor Setup Time). They are seasoned veterans in this respect and will have your full layout done typically within 90 minutes. Your florist or decorator can advance their duties alongside the staff as they complete each table and its respective chairs and settings.


Q1. What time can I access the bridal suites?

Assuming your package includes use of our main, White House, two-story building, you may access the bridal suites up to 3 hours before the Start Time listed in your contract. If your package includes or if you've purchased "Early Bird" access, then you have entry rights beginning from as early as 8AM.

Q2. Who is allowed in the bridal suites?

Use of the bridal suites is reserved for the bride and groom and their respective wedding party (or court) as well as the bride and groom's immediate family members only. All other guests, including, but not limited to, the bride and groom's extended family members and wedding party’s family members are NOT permitted in the bridal suites and will not be allowed to enter the White House until the designated Event Start Time (as listed in your contract).

Q4. Will there be someone attending to me during my bridal access time?

The bridal suite access period is provided as a courtesy to our customers and is meant to be a personal "getting ready" / grooming and wardrobe time. Upon your arrival, a staff member will open and set up the rooms for your use, however, the remaining period leading up to your Event Start Time, will remain largely staff unattended. For this reason it is recommended that you bring small snacks or refreshments with you during this early stay (i.e. coffee and donuts).

Q4. Is food allowed in the bridal suites?

Pre-packaged breakfast and/or lunch is allowed ONLY during the pre-event bridal suite access time and portions must not exceed that of yourself and those select few [wedding party] members joining you during this period. Unless arranged elsewhere with the White House, no outside food or beverage is allowed during the event.

Q4. Can I use the kitchen in the bridal suites?

You may use the kitchen refridgerator to store small meals and the microwave to heat it. No cooking of any kind is permitted; use of the stovetops is prohibited.

Q5. Can I move the bridal suite furnishings around?

You may move chairs to suit your needs. However, if you require tables or furniture to be set up in a specific manner, you must determine this prior to your event date during your final walkthrough and layout meeting.

Q6. Will I have access to the bridal suites throughout the night?

The White House building, in which the bridal suites are located, will be closed off at the start of dining services. However, you and your bridal party will continue to have limited access and use of the suites throughout the night (i.e. touching up make-up, changing, the storing and retrieving of items). Loitering in the bridal suites during the evening hours is prohibited.


Q1. Where can I host my Ceremony?

You may choose to host your ceremony in one of two locations: (1) the Rose Garden or (2) the first floor of the main White House building✝. If you are also planning on hosting a cocktail hour, the cocktail hour will be set up in the remaining of these two locations (i.e. ceremony in the Rose Garden, cocktail hour in the White House). ✝Assuming White House building access is included in your package. If you have chosen to do a partial rental of the facility, your ceremony options will be limited to only those areas included in your package.

Q2. What time should I start my Ceremony?

We recommend that you schedule your ceremony to start promptly at the outset of your Event Start Time (typically 5P.M.) and that you host your cocktail hour thereafter.

Q3. How many chairs do you set up for the Ceremony? Should I set up chairs for the full guest amount?

From our experience, not all guests show up for the ceremony service. Empty seating not only adds unnecessary transition time to your event, but it can also go on to negatively affect the look and feel of your wedding photos and video. So unless you feel strongely otherwise, we recommend that you provide us with an expected ceremony guest count prior to your event and we will set up seating for that exact or approximate amount only.

Q4. Are the chivari chairs for the ceremony the same as the ones used in the reception area?

It depends. We set up clear, acrylic chiavari chairs for our ceremonies; however, we only own 80 in this color. If you need seating for more than these 80, we will fill out the rest of the rows with the same black chiavari chairs we use for our receptions.

Q5. Where should I set up the Gazebo / Altar?

It’s completely up to you! We offer three main areas for Gazebo / Altar placement: (1) in the far south side of the Rose Garden against the tall green hedge (2) in front of the Bell Tower (3) opposite side of the Bell Tower. You will have the opportunity to finalize your ceremony setup alongside one of our consultants during your Final Walkthrough and Layout meeting.

Q6. What are the measurements of the Gazebo? Do you decorate the Gazebo?

The Gazebo is approximately 8 feet in height and 6 feet in width. We do not include any decor for the Gazebo within our pacakges, however, our in-house linen and floral department offers decorative draping and floral arrangement services at an additional cost.

Q7. Are there speakers or an audio system we can use in the garden? Do you provide a mic for the officiant?

No. Please notify your DJ about providing you with adequate audio equipment. There are several outlets conveniently located throughout the garden for your DJ to use.

Q8. May we ring the bell in the garden?

The bell may only be rung during your ceremony but not thereafter.

Q9. Can our pets be a part of our wedding?

No animals or pets of any kind are allowed on-site for the ceremony or otherwise.

Q10. I know no open flame is allowed but can I can light candles in the garden?

Ceremonial candle lighting such as the act of lighting “unity candles” during the ceremony is permitted. All candles must be extinguished immediately at the conclusion of the ceremony.


Q1. Where can I host my Cocktail Hour?

You may choose to host your Cocktail Hour in one of two locations: (1) the Rose Garden or (2) the first floor of the main White House building. If you are also planning on hosting a ceremony, the cocktail hour will be set up in the remaining of these two locations (i.e. ceremony in the Rose Garden, cocktail hour in the White House).

Q2. What time should I start my Cocktail Hour? How long should it last?

We recommend that you schedule your cocktail hour right after your ceremony or if you are not planning on hosting your ceremony on-site, promptly at the outset of your Event Start Time (typically 5P.M). We recommended that your cocktail hour last no longer than 60 minutes.

Q3. What do you provide for Cocktail Hour? Can I bring in my own appetizers?

This will vary depending on your contract and package type. If, for example, your contract is based on a Platinum Package, the White House provides you with chips and salsa, fresh fruit and an unlimited soda bar. Diamond packages feature all the previously listed amenities PLUS a grand appetizer spread which includes: gourmet deli meats and cheese, cracker assortment and fresh raw veggies with dip.

No outside food is allowed. If you require additional appetizers, the White House offers a distinct and delicious variety of options, including hot, tray-passed hors d'oeuvres. Please contact your event consultant for menus and pricing.

Q4. Can I get a copy of the appetizer / hors d'oeuvres menu?

Yes, you may download it here:

Q5. Can I skip Cocktail Hour?

Cocktail hour is not required. You are free to schedule your event day with reception / dinner services only.


Q1. What time should I start my dinner service?

Dinner service time depends on whether or not you are planning to host a ceremony and/or a cocktail hour. In theory, you may begin your dinner service as early as your event start time. In most cases, dinner service starts between 6:30PM-7:30PM (give or take 15 minutes).

Pro Tip: We STRONGLY advise against scheduling your dinner service past 7:30PM. Based on our professional experience, coupled with customer feedback, guests tend to get very HANGRY ("hungry / angry") past this period of time. Therefore, it is best to save best man speeches, slideshows, garter tosses, etc., until after (or during) dinner service.

Q2. How long does the dinner service last?

Duration will vary depending on guest count, however, the average dinner service length is 1 hour and 30 minutes (from the time your guests are served to the point at which guests complete their meals).

Q3. How does the buffet work?

The buffet service begins with our waiters first hand-delivering meals to the bride and groom (wedding party may also be served tableside upon request). From there on, our Event Manager will coordinate with your DJ or MC to systematically release tables to the buffet lines (typically 4 at a time). For this reason, it is highly recommended that you include tables numbers with your centerpiece decor. Please advise the Event Manager if you have priority tables (immediate family) that you wish be released to the buffet lines first.

Q4. Where is the buffet setup?

Setup location will depend on your guest count. If your guest count is 250 or below, we will set up the buffet lines near the entrance of the West Wing, adjacent to the kithcen. If your guest count is above 250, then the buffet lines will be setup outside in the patio.

Q5. How does a formal, sit-down dinner service work?

The White House treats it's formal, sit-down dining option slightly different than most venues. Rather than having your guests choose their specific entree ahead of time (which would require you to send out guest menus and patiently await for their return), the White House offers you the ability to have TWO protein options on one dish -- we call this the "Plated Duet". This removes the uncertainty of relying on guest response and effectively streamlines your dining service, while at the same time offering your guests the benefit of variety. Vegetarian, gluten-free, dietary-restriction options, along with a children's menu, remain available.

Nevertheless, you may opt for the traditional, guest-specific, "Single Plated Entree" (which requires that you send out guest menus containing two protein options, of which your guest will only be served the one that they select). Please be advised that if you prefer this option, you must provide your event consultant with a seating chart that reflects your guests' exact seating and meal choice. Seating charts must be completed and turned into the White House at the time of your final walkthrough and layout meeting.

Q6. Do you provide table numbers? Are they necessary?

Table numbers are treated as part of your personalized table decor and are therefore not provided by the White House. If you are having a buffet-style dinner reception, table numbers are not required but are neverthless highly recommended, as it will help speed up the release of tables to the buffet lines. Table numbers ARE REQUIRED for formal, sit-down dinner service.

Q7. Can I invite more guests to come AFTER dinner for dancing only? I don't want to pay for their meals...

It is a very common misconception that there are no costs or risks associated with a "post-dinner guest" format. This is particularly true when it comes to customer service. The White House only orders staff, goods and services (including security guards) that match your corresponding guest count. "Post-dinner guests" still require table and seating and will nevertheless maintain access to such services as the beverage bar (to name a few). The White House strives to offer each and everyone of its guests an unparralled and equally enjoyable experience; for this reason, all guests must be accounted for prior to your Event Date.

Q8. Can I take leftover food to go?

Due to health and safety standards, the White House does not give out any leftover food.


The exquisite, one-of-kind, Crystal VIP Room extends the West Wing by an additional 33FT, upping the guest capacity to 350. The highlight of the Crystal VIP Room is a custom-made, 20FTx20FT "dancefloor" whose thick crystal glass surface lies suspended on an intricate support system of gold, powder-coated, stainless steel bars. The dancefloor interior is filled with over 10,000 life-like roses whose appearance and color appears to change magically by way of a hi-powered, discretely-hidden, network of LEDs. The effect, as a whole, makes for an unforgettable and truly sublime, three-dimensional, dancing-on-air, experience.


Due to the unique, scratch-sensitive, crystal glass surface of the dancefloor, the White House has imposed a set of rules and policies regarding its usage. If you are planning on having your guests dance on the crystal dancefloor, it is recommended that you notify them ahead of time to bring in a secondary pair of soft-soled shoes. Alternatively, some clients choose to provide hotel-style slippers or sandals for their guests. Regardless, you can rest assured knowing that the White House will leave dancing space, without restrictions, on the concrete floor adjacent to the crystal dancefloor for all those that do not wish to participate.

  • No Heals: All pointed heels, whether high or low, are prohibited. Cowboy boots or shoes with thick heals are prohibited. EXCEPTIONS: (1) Bride and Groom all-night (including first dance and dance with parents) (2) Guests during dollar-dance, garter and bouquet toss with Bride and Groom (3) Quinceañera and her entire Court during the waltz and "baile de sorpresa".
  • No Stomping: Any excessive or forceful stomping, of any kind, on the dancefloor is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, ceremonial or cultural dances that feature stomping, such as the Zapateado, the Haka Wedding Dance, the Indian Dhol Drum Dance, etc.
  • No Drinking: No drinks are allowed on the dancefloor. EXCEPTIONS: Bride, Groom, Wedding Party, Quinceañera and Court during dinner service.
  • No Fog Machines: No fog machines, of any kind, are permitted in the facility, let alone the dancefloor. Fog machines create condensation on the surface of the glass, making it extremely slippery and dangerous.
  • No Confetti: Confetti and / or the use of confetti canons is strictly prohibited throughout the whole facility, including the Crystal VIP Room.
  • Shoe Policy: Soft-soled shoes made of rubber or other non-stiff materials are allowed on the dancefloor. Some examples are most, but not all, sneakers, slippers, flats and sandals.
  • Furniture & Decoration Policy: Head / sweet-heart tables, cake and / or gift tables may be placed on the dancefloor upon prior approval of the White House. Please make sure to notify a consultant if you are planning on placing rented furniture and / or decorations on the dancefloor as not all items are safe to use. No rose petals may be placed on the dancefloor.
  • DJ / Entertainment Policy: DJ and entertainers are prohibited from placing AND setting up equipment directly on the dancefloor. This includes, but is not limited to, speakers, lights and truss systems. In addition, DJs and entertainers are not allowed to wheel or carry heavy equipment directly over the dancefloor — the concrete floor walkways surrounding the dancefloor provide ample space through which equipment can be carried; similarly, equipment must be built either along these areas or on top of the stage.
  • Quinceañera Rehearsal Policy: With the exception of the quinceañera herself, all dance rehearsals maintain a SHOES OFF policy, regardless of the shoe type worn. This rule does not apply on the event day.

Q1. Is the Crystal VIP Room included in my package? How much extra is it?

The Crystal VIP Room and Dancefloor is considered an "add-on" and is only bundled with the "Diamond Package". The fee for the Crystal VIP Room is $1,000.00. If you are considering adding the Crystal VIP Room to your package but are concerned about budgeting for it, you are not required to purchase it at the time of signing — you have up until 1 week before your Event Date to make this decision.

Q2. What are the dimensions of the Crystal VIP Room & Dancefloor? Can I get a copy of the floorplans?



Q1. What time is last call? How about last song?

The bartender will make his announcement for last call exactly 30 minutes before your Event End Time (as stipulated in your contract). The bar will shut down approximately 15 minutes before your Event End Time.

DJs and / or Entertainers must issue "last song" notices 15 minutes before your Event End Time. All music (and activities) must stop at your Event End Time.

Q2. Can I leave my decorations, cake or personal items overnight?

All personal belongings, including any decor, must be cleared out from the venue at the conclusion of the event.

Q3. How long do I have to gather my belongings after my event has concluded?

You will have at least 1 hour, after the conclusion of your event, to gather and remove your belongings from the venue.

Q4. Can I extend my Event End Time? What is the cost?

In some cases, but not all, you may add an additional hour of event time for $500.00. Please notify your Event Consultant to see if your event qualifies.

Q5. Me or one of my guests forgot / lost something at the venue, can you find it?

The White House will most certaintly make a good faith attempt to seek out any item(s) that you or one of your guests may have forgotten on the premise. However, keep in mind that by the time you may have realized an item missing, other events may have already taken place, minimizing the chances of the item(s) being found. Hence, the sooner you contact us, the better the chances of finding an item. In general, the White House is not responsible for any losses or damages that said belongings may potentially incur in between the time of storage and the time of pickup.